Sunday, February 10, 2013

Suprise prensent from me

I got a skype video conservation between me,my favorite uitm Prof n also my senior.. I feel so excited with them.. It is because i haven't long time chatting with them. So as usual.. We are talking about design n bla bla bla.. Hehe.. ^___^

After that,my senior as commonly known as my friends asking me about my result in IKIP. For the first time he ask me,i juz make a joke to keep out from that question.. Then,he asking again...
My prof also requested too..
So, i already in desprate condition..
I show to them my result from semester 1 untill semester 5..


My Prof n my Uitm Senior has brain wash & told me that i should be score on the next presentation and project if i want to seat in the dean suite.. It was surprising me but i take thier advice to cultivate my creativity to be more creative in design..

I promise mom,dad, Mr. Khairul n my senior Ikhwan, Adri, Adlan & Rabiatul Adawiyah..
I will bring back again a Dean Suite to home..

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